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Commercial, Industrial & High-end residential

Dizal Architectural Projet - Siding

Manufacturing company specialized in design, production and marketing of premium aluminum siding. Our technology prints authentic scanned textures of various materials from a high definition digital inkjet printing process. A protective clear coat added on our products ensures a protection to the finish that will last for a long time.

Different profiles of 3, 4, 6, 8 inches are available, in various textures and colors that can be matched and assembled through multiple installation possibilities to create original architectural concepts.

Dizal’s unique technology optionally allows the architect to exploit all his creativity in the design of exclusive and bold graphics harmonizing with the architecture of various projects.


Commercial, Industrial & High-end residential

Dizal - Projects Coco village 124-02 Battens

Dizal aluminum battens combine performance and ease of use. Available in a standard sizes of 16′, 12′ and 8′.

Dizal aluminum battens can be used in many ways, offering architects and designers endless design possibilities for both interior and exterior architectural projects. They can be used outdoors as privacy screens, sun shade walls or simply on a facade to accent your architectural project. Also use our battens with integrated lighting to create an unparalleled ambiance!

Dizal also offers 3 models of brackets, they are available depending on the type of installation, horizontal or vertical, fixed to the floor, wallmount or suspended from the ceiling. Dizal brackets provide secure and aesthetic attachment solutions.


Residential & Commercial


The cellular PVC is a next-generation material with microbubble- infused polymer material offering a rigid product that can be worked as easily as real wood. This product is water and moisture resistant is low maintenance.A clear top coat provides long-lasting protection.

The 4″” and 7″” sizes are available in two types of profiles. Our Cellular PVC siding offer is a great option at a lower cost for residential projects. A wide range of colors and textures contribute to the realization of your innovative and unique architectural project.

A full range of matching moldings and accessories are also available.

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Dizal exclusive technology prints authentic scanned textures of various materials from a high definition digital inkjet printing process.

Enjoy all the beauty and richness of wood without the laborious maintenance it requires.

Dizal aluminum siding offers infinite possibilities of textures and colors that will fit (match) to any style and decors.